Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Herbal honeys

I'm currently obsessed with honey. It all started after reading "The Secret Life of Bees". I have been using creamed honey, honey with honeycomb in it, and all sorts of different honey like Fireweed, Buckwheat, Wildflower, and Poison Oak. Recently I've been inspired to make herbal honeys. I noticed that I have a massive infestation of Melissa off. (Lemon Balm) and decided to put that herb to good use.

How to Make:

1. First select a small jar that you want to put the honey into.
2. Second chop up the FRESH herb or flower you want to place in there. Start with one layer of the herb, then another layer of honey.
3. Continue until you have the jar filled with herb saturated in honey.
4. Let sit for 2 weeks to several months. The honey will be delightfully infused with the herb. 5. Use it on toast, in tea, or by the spoonful.

Some herbs to consider: Lemon Balm, thyme, spearmint, rose petals (especially good for heart chakra balancing), thyme, rosemary, or whatever your favorite herb is! I'm going to try Monarda (Bergamot) next, (I'm thinking Earl Grey flavored honey).


Anne-Marie said...

This sounds delicious and doesn't seem too complicated either! I love honey in my tea AND by the spoonful! Thanks for awesome the recipe!

Anne-Marie said...

PS - I LOVED the Secret Life of Bees. It was such a great book.

Rian said...

Thanks Anne-Marie for the lovely comments. I'm happy you're reading my blog! There will be more posts soon...

Trisha Smith said...

I love flavored honey and now that I have a detailed recipe I will try and make some myself using the fresh mint that I have growing. I also loved the book Secret Life of Bees. I think honey has a lot of healing qualities and I use it daily on toast or muffins. Sometimes if I have a sweet tooth, I just eat a teaspoon! Yum!