Sunday, June 29, 2008

Qua Spa: Caeser's Palace, Las Vegas

This spa is the biggest and one of the most relaxing and nicest spas I have visited. The whole spa exudes luxury. Qua Spa has a Roman bath theme, with multi-colored/shaped blue and white tiles. The highlight of the spa is the three different salt water pools. As you walk into the room with these pools you first observe the largest pool which is a comfortable temperature, and has water flowing over the sides in three different tiers. Up behind this pool is a circular waterfall falling from the ceiling. Behind this large falling shower is two smaller pools, one hot and the other cold, both with a small waterfall dropping into the end of the pools. As you sit under the waterfalls and look up it there is a "natural" light coming out, so it feels as though you're in a cave with sunlight pouring through. Walking into those two pools and letting the water fall on my shoulders was one of the most relaxing things I have done in a long time. It was so calming that I felt extremely happy and perfectly at peace. Along the outer edge of these pools are heated stone lounges to lay on and relax or read magazines. It was so calming to lay on the heated lounge after dipping into the hot and cold pools that I could have spent all day there.

As you continue on into the spa there is a large tea room with cushy lounges offering magazines and servers to help you select tea from the tea bar. There are about 12 different tea choices and all the ones I sampled were excellent. They also offer iced tea, fruit, pretzels, juice and coffee.

Next as you walk further into the spa is another large circular heated hot pool. Then there is a lovely steam room with eucalyptus essential oil, a nice sauna, and my favorite: the arctic ice room. This room is covered in multicolored bubble shaped blue glass tiles along the wall and ceiling and marble slabs to sit on. The temp is 55 degrees, and has mini snow bubbles falling from the ceiling. There are chips of ice that fall into a bowl for you to scrub yourself with. It feels so great to pop into this room after heating up in the sauna/steam room.

The showers come with nicely scented shampoo, conditioner and body wash. There are lovely marble counters stocked with lotion and hair products to get ready with. Of course you are also given a nice locker with comfy sandals and robe.

I have no complaints with this spa, except perhaps the high entrance fee of $45. But this all seems worth the price considering the service and amenities. I highly recommend this spa as your first choice to visit when going to las vegas. The only problem is that you will then be spoiled and wish that other spas were as nice as Qua.


Phil said...

Hi! I came in on through Yelp. I was wondering if the Qua Spa was co-ed? Is there a meeting point where both my wife and I can meet or is the spa separated by men/women? Great start to the blog!

Rian said...

Hi Phil,
Thanks for the reply! The spa is "sort of" coed. There are separate men and women's sections, but I believe you can meet in the "Laconium Room", which is a heated tile room. My husband and I both went in together, but never tried to meet in that room. Both the sides do have identical facilities.
You can also check out the Drift Spa which I also reviewed because you can meet in the middle in the hamman.

Anne-Marie said...

This seems so delightful. We have a spa like this (entrance fees, pools etc...) in WA state and I haven't been able to visit it yet but this post certainly makes me want to =)